After spending over five decades at this Burlington County school, the school's favorite fourth-grade teacher is finally retiring. tells the story of Liz Martino who teaches fourth-grade at Westfield Friends School in Cinnaminson. According to the article, she has spent her entire life at the South Jersey Quaker school.

In fact, Martino told that the fourth-grade classroom she teaches in right now is the SAME one she attended when she was in fourth-grade.

Because of her long history with the school, she has seen it change as students come and go. Now, next month will be her last. Over the years, Martino estimates that she has taught more than a thousand students.

Her dedication to her students also reflected on her sons who became teachers as well. It is also no surprise that students at Westfield Friends School will miss her deeply, according to the article.

We all remember that one teacher who inspired us when we were younger, and Liz Martino is that teacher for Westfield Friends School.

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