It's a time of mourning for the teams at two very well known restaurant's in South Jersey after the passing of their buffalo wing 'mastermind' Donnie Russell.

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It was Donnie's wing recipe that reportedly helped establish locals loyalty to the many Pic A Lilli's in Atlantic and Burlington counties.

In a tribute to their 'King of Wings', the Pic's broke the sad news to its staff and patrons on social media that Russell had passed away peacefully Monday morning.

Donnie's vibrant personality was a big part of the Pic a Lilli scene. A post on the Pic-A-Lilli Pub Atlantic City Facebook page says, 'We have tremendous shoes to fill.'

As someone who frequents Pic a Lilli Inn in Shamong and Pic a Lilli Pub in Atlantic City, I can say I have left there with a very happy belly on many occasion thanks to Donnie's incredible wings. There's nothing like a Pic wing, wherever you get 'em. I did not know Donnie Russell personally, but his wing legacy will live on and on.

We share our deepest condolences to everyone at the Pic who knew and loved Donnie, and all the customers who looked forward to seeing him in the kitchen whenever they visited. Go on to That Great Buffalo Wing Bar in the Sky, Donnie, and thanks for everything!

Donnie is survived by his wife Barb and kids, Don-Don and Jessie.

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