How do you stop the tidal wave of people shopping online? Get 'em drunk.

Barnes & Noble has announced it plans to open four stores that will include beer, wine, more food and table service. Call it the latest shot in its fight against the likes of Amazon, as more customers do their shopping on the internet.

Last week, the book chain reported lower sales in the most recent quarter

The first store will open in Eastchester, New York in October, with three more to follow in . Edina, Minn., Folsom, Calif. and Loudoun County, Va. It''s not clear if or when more stores will follow suit.

It's a bold move and you have to wonder how it will play out. Sure, there's a chance sales will go up, but there's always the possibility consumers will be turned off after they drink a little too much PBR and wind up emptying their bank accounts buying the collected works of Stephen King.

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