Dear Atlantic County Government,

What's with the county-owned - and taxpayer-funded (at least partially) golf course?

In a sentence: It kind of sucks.

A couple of friends and I played the Green Tree Golf Course in Egg Harbor Township this past weekend, and we were terribly disappointed by the shape of the course.


A dry, hot summer has taken a toll on all of us - my lawn isn't going to win any awards, but the Green Tree Course just.... looks.....terrible.

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The fairways, tee boxes, and greens are mostly all brown - or worse. There are large parts of the fairway where the grass has just died and gone away. Large patches of dead grass and weeds are found on large portions of the course. Several tee boxes are simply atrocious: Strips of sod are allowed to just dry out and just die.

Is there a reason this publicly owned course appears like it isn't being maintained - or at least watered?

What's happening here?

I've played at least a half dozen other courses in our area this summer - and no other course comes close to looking this bad.

I've stated the course is county-owned and taxpayer-funded. Honestly, I don't know how much tax dollars are used to run the course, but, again, the course is disappointing.


According to a "Golf Course Management" website, Green Tree and Brigantine Links are both owned by the county and operated by Atlantic County Improvement Authority. My question is - is anyone overseeing this operation?

Green Tree has always been a fun course to play, but if this is the way it's being maintained, will it be operational for long?

I couldn't help to notice that the "Reception Tent" or whatever it's called looks great right off the 18th green. The facility is the newest addition to the course - built within the last few years. There is a big contrast between the bright colorful flowers around the building and the dying fairways and tee boxes around it.

Again, why isn't this course being watered and taken care of?

More photos from my day on the course are below.

I will add, though, that all the people working the course when I was there was very friendly and attentive. From the person who checked us in, to the starter/ranger, to the girl who drove the beverage cart, all were A+.

Now, I understand things happen and it's impossible to maintain a golf course in near drought conditions - but, at least let the public know! Tell me when I make a tee time that the course isn't in A+ shape. Maybe give me a discount because the course isn't in optimal shape. (I admit $49 for 18 holes isn't a lot to pay for a round in our area - but, it is a lot to pay for a dried-out course filled with dirt and weeds!)

Let's go Atlantic Country government! Give us back something we can be proud of!

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