Public employees are often times maligned. The criticism is mostly undeserved.

We must not lose our faith in humanity.

Look at this awesome example of public employees, who have generously given to those less fortunate this holiday season.

Today, we shine the spotlight on one such positive example.

The Atlantic County Public Works Department is comprised of exceptional, caring employees who have once against stepped up big this holiday season to help others in need.

These wonderful public employees have donated a large  amount of toys and other presents as a part of the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program.

It’s important that I make something perfectly clear. The Atlantic County Public Works department did not seek any publicity for their unselfish efforts.

I found out about this on my own, and, felt compelled to let the public know exactly the high caliber of amazing people who work for Atlantic County government.

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Here is a sneak peek of the tremendous effort that the Atlantic County Public Works department employees have achieved, with Christmas now just 8 days away.

Atlantic County Public Works employees donate to Salvation Army Angel Tree Program - Harry Hurley - TSM photo.
Atlantic County Public Works employees donate to Salvation Army Angel Tree Program - Harry Hurley - TSM photo.

With the challenging economy, there are a significant number of children who won’t even have a Christmas tree, much less any presents or gifts to open.

There are also many seniors who need support around the holidays, as well as single moms.

This is where the Salvation Army helps in a big way. The Angel Tree program allows members of the community to become more involved.

You can give back to your community. With your direct assistance, you make it possible for the needy to receive holiday joy and gifts … which go to children who would otherwise be left out on Christmas.

The Angel Tree program is one of the most effective programs in America for providing gifts of new toys, winter coats and clothing to thousands of children and senior citizens who otherwise might not have anything for Christmas. Other presents include books, games, or educational materials.

We extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to the Atlantic County Public Works Department employees for their profound efforts to bring joy to others this holiday season.

Congratulations, as there will be so many children and adults who will receive your unconditional blessing.

In the spirit of Christmas, this is what life is all about. The joy that comes in return for giving to others in need.

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