So, you're cruising into Atlantic City and you remember hearing something about Atlantic City having a waterfall. Do you know where it is?

Well, it's not in the ocean - we're pretty sure the ocean can't have waterfalls. It's also not on the bay, because, well, because it's the bay.


Atlantic City's only waterfall is actually indoors - and it's not in one of the casinos.

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Atlantic City, New Jersey's only waterfall is actually in the Bass Pro Shop!

Here it is:

Sure, it's man-made, but still, it's technically a waterfall!

Here's some other South Jersey Trivia you didn't know.

Grape Juice was "invented" thanks to a minister in Vineland! Vineland also gave us the famous Mason Jar!

Can you name the famous building - with a face - that's been a house, an office, a bar and more? It's now a tourist attraction! It's, of course, Lucy the Elephant in Margate!

Atlantic City is home to the largest music instrument in the world. It's the Pipe Organ at Boardwalk Hall. No one will be walking in a parade with the Boardwalk Hall Pipe Organ!

You can visit Frank Sinatra's used towel in Atlantic City at the White House Sub Shop. We wonder what it smells like.

There are TWO Statues of Liberty in - Vineland! Really!

This one might not be true, but legend has it that Captain Kidd buried some treasure in Cape May! (Anyone want to pick a spot to dig?)

Have you been to Peck's Beach? That's the original name - from the 1700s - for Ocean City, New Jersey!

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