Atlantic City has plenty to offer. But somehow it's all gone unnoticed, according to a new list. And, frankly, we're not okay with it.

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Now, it's not entirely BuzzFeed's fault. 'Don't shoot the messenger.', right? But we do have a bone to pick with them since Atlantic City landed on their list of the Most Overrated Cities People Have Visited.

To be fair, BuzzFeed simply collected comments from Reddit users and compiled them into their 'overrated cities' list. But it couldn't help but strike me a little shocked when as I scrolled down the list I found Atlantic City.

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A user named juanzy scathingly writes, "Atlantic City. Venture a few blocks off the boardwalk and it's incredibly depressing. Very clearly an area exploited by the big casinos while the locals have been driven to absolute poverty, while they still force a smile to work the shops that are required for the tourist traffic."

Years Of Economic Decline Leave One Third Of Atlantic City's Resident In Poverty
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But there's Atlantic City Aquarium, and Tanger Outlets, and all the great events that come to Atlantic City Convention Center, and the marina. Sure, a couple casinos went under, but look at everything that's arrived over the last couple years! Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Ocean Casino Resort (which has a Wahlburgers!). Stockton University erected a campus. Atlantic City's got the goods. Hello Sky Wheel and Steel Pier!

And then there are off-boardwalk hangs like Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall, and Rhythm & Spirits, and Kelsey's Jazz Bar, and over just off Albany Avenue amazing views from The Wonder Bar and Vagabond. And how about over at Gardner's Basin? Or Farley Marina?

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I just don't agree that Atlantic City is overrated. In fact, I don't think it gets ENOUGH praise. What do YOU love about Atlantic City? Let us know in the comments below.

Also on the list of Most Overrated Cities are so many I've been to (Paris, Dublin, Nashville), and one I'm literally ABOUT to go to (Niagara Falls). Wow.

Check out the full BuzzFeed list and Reddit comments.

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