A grand restaurant named Childs Restaurant was built in 1923 in New York City.

This influence was used, with restaurants that they built in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, and especially in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1927.

This is something that you would not and not could see today.

It was called Childs Submarine Grill.

Look at the incredible photo below that was posted on the “I Grew Up Or Lived In Atlantic City, NJ" Facebook page.

Childs Submarine Grill photo via Facebook.
Childs Submarine Grill photo via Facebook.

You can see tables and chairs on beach sand, along with a portable boardwalk laying on top of the beach sand.

If you’re wondering why there are umbrellas at each table, it’s simple. The Atlantic City Boardwalk has gaps between each board. Rain and anyone walking above who spills liquids, etc. would fall through to the dining area.

Quirky things like this are a direct part of the rich and storied history of Atlantic City.

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