In this “Game of Life,” there are acquaintances, friends, customers … importantly, there are also legends.

The Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City New Jersey had a regular patron by the name of Clarence Davenport, who recently passed away.

In truth,  Davenport, better known as CC, was much more than a regular patron.

Davenport was so beloved and consequential at The Ducktown Tavern that he was not considered to be a regular customer. He was looked upon as an ambassador to their establishment.

About Davenport, Brian Ireland wrote on his Facebook Page:

“The Ducktown Tavern family will be grieving the loss of our Uncle CC forever. The bar will never be the same without the comfortable echos of his contagious laughter and singing along to every song on the jukebox even if he didn't know the words. CC was our unofficial maitre D and greeter, sharing his wisdom and big personality with everyone who walked through the door, whether they were an everyday regular or a first time visitor. Famous for getting creative and inventing his own meals that didn't exist on the menu, he would sometimes drive the servers and cooks crazy, but they loved him anyway…. until he would then recommend for everyone around him to order his new innovative supper special,” wrote Ireland.

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Ducktown Tavern owner John Exadaktilos wrote on his Facebook Page:

“Men of men. CC was my uncle. Is my uncle. Reading the posts is absolutely stirring up my emotions. You will always have a spot in our, my and everyone’s hearts that you touched. Still in disbelief, you will not walk in again. Love you Uncle, wrote Extadaktikos.

John Exadaktilos via Facebook
John Exadaktilos via Facebook
Brian Ireland via Facebook.
Brian Ireland via Facebook.

Ireland concluded his heart-felt public remarks by saying:

”Uncle CC... l'Il miss seeing you dressed to the 9s at my Alibi events, watching you dedicate yourself to losing all that weight, laughing about our experiments with our secret lemonade adventures, giving you new music artists to write down so you could listen at home, watching you close your eyes and truly savor a cocktail like it was the nectar of the gods, and of course you texting me EVERY time that you got home safe… you were one of a kind and we'll keep your memory alive in the walls of your favorite spot forever. RIP C C Davenport Jr.” said Davenport.

As you can see, Clarence “CC” Davenport made a profound impression upon the owner and a colleague at The Ducktown Tavern.

He wasn’t a customer. He was an ambassador.

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