If you've got a ton of dough and are SUPER thirsty, check out this $40,000 cocktail in Atlantic City.

Meet to most expensive drink in town. 'The Bambino' is being poured at Moneyline Bar & Book at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and, yes, it's named after legendary baseballer Babe Ruth.

So, what exactly necessitates this cocktail's eye-opening price tag? Well, it wets more than just your whistle. The sip of a 1940 Macallan scotch includes a rare check signed by Ruth himself, a piece of memorabilia that Borgata acquired when it was setting up it's sports betting bar, according to 6abc.com.

I would NOT want to be the bartender charged with pouring from that bottle of Macallan. Precious or not, I'd have that thing SUPER GLUED to the palm of my hand, lol.

What kind of reaction is the drink getting? Check out this video:

SOURCES: 6abc.com

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