On Saturday night's (March 12) episode of Saturday Night Live, host and musical guest Ariana Grande performed a comedic opening number making fun of her former Nickelodeon child star status and current good girl image. During the song, the tiny pop diva crooned about seeking out her very own celebrity scandal, one which would usher her into true, tacky Hollywood adulthood—and as real life often imitates art, Ari may have just found a scandal for real.

"It can be tough growing up in show business," Grande began during her opening monologue. "I got caught licking a doughnut I didn’t pay for. Yes, it was childish and stupid... I’ve learned that it’s really time to grow up and I’m in a place where I’m really ready to be caught in an adult scandal. A real scandal, something to take my career to the next level... What will my scandal be?” she asked, before breaking into a tongue-in-cheek Broadway-style number.

However, a few lines into the performance, the pop star seemed to flub a lyric, to which she reacted by exclaiming live, into the mic, "Oh s***."

Oh s***, indeed.

On the spectrum of swear words, the s-word isn't exactly cause to ring the alarm. It could have been much worse, but that doesn't mean anything to the FCC, nor the long-running NBC show which has been relatively unforgiving in the past when it comes to on-air profanity.

Regardless of the network's reaction, however, one thing is certain: Ari certainly did hold her own during her big episode, and at least her scandalous opening number was, well, authentic!

Watch the hilarious performance (and scandalous slip) below — and watch the funniest skits and her performances right here.

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