The Victoria Secret Fashion Show may have aired last night, but have you heard about the anti-Victoria Secret fashion show right here in South Jersey?

Neither did I until I came across this piece by!

Created by sisters, Alyse and Alexis Scaffidi of BiteSizedFitness, the anti-Victoria's Secret show was a way to show that real life "angels" come in ALL shapes and sizes, not just the way seen on screen.

According to the sisters from Glassboro, they were mesmerized by the show but felt they didn't exactly fit society's "mold of beauty." This is when the idea was born! The sisters put in their money, and free time to recreate their own version, down to the very last detail.

And it was a success! Twenty-one women took the stage at The Hill Theater Studio in Paulsboro flaunting their beautiful bodies becoming angels in their own right.

Check out the video below that went viral in October:

Alexis says on

"Every girl in our show has had to overcome some sort of challenge, whether it was bullying, illness, genetic disorders or a lack of self-acceptance [sic]"

A beautiful message, especially in this day and age where we are promoting body positivity and feeling beautiful in the skin you're in.

For now, the sisters tell they hope to produce another show next year with sponsors, and hopefully, start a non-profit to promote this message of acceptance.

Read their full story on, and can't wait to see their production next year.

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