Now that Amy Grant's daughter is all grown up, the 25-year-old "Baby, Baby," which was written in her honor, is undergoing its own little evolution. Grant's 1991 Billboard No. 1 hit, which earned the singer a handful of Grammy nominations, has a brand new identity thanks to an update that features Tori Kelly. Released today (April 28) by Just Jared (you can listen to it here)the new "Baby, Baby" takes traditional early '90s pop production — exaggerated percussion, crystalline keyboard progressions — and turns it into a 2016 dance-pop number that doesn't seem a touch antiquated. Plus, there's a new beachy video accompaniment and, like, SUMMER. After an introductory verse from Grant, Kelly takes over in the new version and proceeds to exact vocal high-flying technique that only she can. Kelly's signature power, Grant told People, has done the song a tremendous amount of justice. "Tori is such an incredible vocalist, one of the most effortless singers I have ever heard, and once she starts singing it is like a rocket engine has been strapped on to the song and she takes us all on a ride," she said. "I really think she knocked it out of the park." Not bad for someone who's a year younger than the song, itself...

Listen to the new "Baby, Baby" above, download it on iTunes tomorrow (April 29) and tell us how you think it compares to the original.

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