Let's hear it for the boys! It seems everyone is getting in on the Philadelphia Eagles playoff excitement, including this the driver of this Amish buggy.

Twitter user Heidi Irwin spotted this buggy in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania sporting a giant Eagles banner on its back end.


Hmm, wonder if it's on its way to tailgate Sunday at The Linc, lol. This buggy would need the head start. (Kidding! But ya never know, lol.)

The Birds are on just one game away from making it to another Super Bowl. Excitement is building ahead of the NFC Championship Game in Philly versus the San Francisco 49ers, and EVERYONE is giddy.

Me? I'm a nervous wreck, lol.

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But it's cool to see Eagles pride stretching beyond Philadelphia and all the way up into Lancaster County and into the least expected communities.

This is what it's ALL ABOUT people! The collective spirit we Birds fans believe is strong enough to will our team to victory!


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