Today they officially introduced The Dream Wheel.  It is a beautiful 300 Ft observation wheel that offers breathtaking views of the NYC skyline.  Can you think of a better way to take in a view of the greatest city in the world?

You have to see it in person to understand the magnitude and the view it delivers.  The Dream Wheel is now open to the public after their special media-only event this morning.

It has been highly anticipated by those who knew it was coming and now it is finally here for all to enjoy.

This is a  first of its kind for the tri-state area.  Guests of all ages can enjoy the ride and take in New York City’s iconic skyline.  This is no carnival ride…on the Dream Wheel, you will soar through the sky from the comfort of your private, temperature-controlled gondolas over the span of a 30-minute rotation.

If you are looking to create a super-special experience you can set up a VIP ride consisting of premium seating for 6 passengers with upscale décor. You can select fun culinary delights from the concession stand called "Deep Fried Love" and enjoy as you take it all in.

Are you ready to fly 300 feet into the sky?  Let's GO!  You can get your tickets here.   Ready for some more New Jersey attractions while your kids are on Spring Break?  Here you go!

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