At last, here is a history film for our generation. A generation that cannot be bothered with things like details, or even simple factual accuracy. It’s America: The Motion PictureAnd it’s coming to Netflix later this month.

The film retells the founding of our great country with a slightly (only slightly!) fantastical bent, and features superheroic versions of such notable Founding Fathers as George Washington, Samuel Adams, and ... Thomas Edison? He was one of the Founding Fathers, right?

He’s voiced by Olivia Munn, by the way. The rest of the voice cast includes Channing Tatum (as George Washington), Bobby Moynihan (as Paul Revere), and Will Forte (as Abraham Lincoln). The film was produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and directed by Archer’s Matt Thompson. Watch the trailer below:

I can’t wait until this film is shown in elementary schools to teach young children the important lessons they need to know about how the Liberty Bell was created and that famous story of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree with his Wolverine claws.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

In this wildly tongue-in-cheek animated revisionist history, a chainsaw-wielding George Washington assembles a team of rabble rousers — including beer-loving bro Sam Adams, famed scientist Thomas Edison, acclaimed horseman Paul Revere, and a very pissed off Geronimo — to defeat Benedict Arnold and King James in the American Revolution. Who will win? No one knows, but you can be sure of one thing: these are not your father's Founding… uh, Fathers.

America: The Motion Picture premieres on Netflix on June 30.

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