If you were in Atlantic City this weekend and noticed a random girl doing jumping jacks in a Casino lobby, and then go ballistic at a photographer, you may have spotted a 'celebrity'....

Yes, Amanda Bynes was in Atlantic City.

She wasn't there for an appearance, or even a Nickelodeon 'All That' reunion.


Just jumping jacks.


A "source" with In Touch magazine said,"I saw her stumbling a little.  At one point she stopped in the middle of one of the lounge areas and started doing jumping jacks.



"Then I saw her scream at a guy who was taking her picture.  If she is just acting crazy, she is doing an awesome job."



Also, you can add "American Pie" star JASON BIGGS to the list of people Amanda has flipped out on, and called "ugly" on Twitter.



It started when Amanda Tweeted, quote, "If you're not hot, I don't care about you."  Jason responded, quote, "This self-hatred really must stop, Amanda."


Update:  According to the Daily News, Amanda was indeed spotted at Revel.  She was also seen leaving the bathroom doing the chicken dance and gave some random lady 100 bucks.


A SoJO listener happen to be at Revel this weekend, and took this picture...