In case you haven't seen, the new #ToddlerCandyChallenge has gone viral, and for little Kennedy, it's quite the moral dilemma.

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The concept is simple: Parents place candy in front of their child, and then instruct them NOT to touch it until they come back and say it's "okay".

This is hard enough for most ADULTS let alone a tiny human! Honestly, I've been wrestling with whether or not to open this Snickers bar that's been sitting on my desk ALL DAY LONG.

Who could blame this little girl, or any child, for struggling to resist? It truly IS a challenge, for a child's fortitude AND for a parents skills. Kennedy's mom and dad's power of persuasion just wasn't enough to keep her from all the chocolatey goodness.

Have you taken the #ToddlerCandyChallenge with your kids? Send us a video through the free SoJO 104.9 app!

Here's how some celeb moms fared with their own kids:

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Did he wait ? #toddlerchallenge #toddlercandychallenge #toddlertemptationchallenge

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