Actors and actresses have the unique gift of being able to embody characters who exist in a film universe that looks nothing like their own. Sometimes, however, not all creative ventures are pleasant ones, and the finished product isn’t always great. Thespians have to conceal their personal distaste for a film they star in, perhaps only admitting their unfavorable opinions about the project in interviews years after its release.

The reasons that Hollywood A-listers have detested their own work have varied widely. With G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Channing Tatum was roped into a studio contract. Mark Wahlberg found the premise of The Happening silly and the material low-quality. Zac Efron came to resent the shadow his iconic role in High School Musical cast over his career.

Stacker compiled a list of 50 times actors hated their own films by sourcing and linking direct interview quotes from various media outlets over the years. In order to qualify for this list, actors had to have given a quote specifically saying that they disliked the movie they starred in—indirect testimonies or anonymous sources stating their opinions were not eligible. We also ensured that each actor featured on the list played a significant role within the movie they’re discussing, rather than simply acting as an extra or someone vaguely involved with its production. The list spans 52 years, providing a diverse pool of actors and genres that surveys film’s rich history and cultural impact over the previous century and into this one.

Actors Who Hated Their Own Movies

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