This season of American Idol has seen very little buzz and sagging ratings, at least compared to last season.  But there was one bright spot last night!!!

Sadly, it wasn't from one of the Final 7, but rather a good friend of the Jersey Girl still standing on the FOX show and his creative and funny approach to help with the voting process.

Derek Sexton was on Idol for a few seconds on Idol last night before Elise Testone performed Lady Gaga's "You And I".  Sexton created this when Elise was in the bottom two a few weeks back, and it seemed to help a little, but the thing that stands out is Derek's sense of humor about the voting process for American Idol.

Derek's tutorial on YouTube explains the challenges of voting, tips to help you in the process, and of course support for Testone - a North Jersey girl who was born and bred in Kinnelon.

Depending on how this season finishes, Derek Sexton may be the star coming from Idol this time!  Check out the video and see for yourself.