Dearest Wawa,

I know you've been crazy busy with Hoagiefest, so take a minute to read this because we're still madly in love with you.

We can't get through the day without you. When it's six in the morning and we're dragging ourselves to work, you always welcome us with your wide selection of brews. You give us the energy to go on.

A cup of Wawa coffee
A cup of Wawa coffee (Chris Swendeman,

We cherish you for your willingness to prepare a pork roll sandwich for us 24/7. That's true love.

We love pushing your touchscreen buttons to get a nice Shorti just the way we like it.

When we want to just stay in and binge watch Netflix, you bring the ranch mac & cheese. And when we've pulled an all-nighter, you always come through with the giant bag of Doritos and pint of Ben & Jerry's that one person shouldn't eat solo, but we do, and you never judge.

Wawa, even though you now make healthy food like handmade salads, we still love you. Why? Because we know it will only be a matter of time before you give us a Gobbler with extra stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Love always,

The Jersey Shore

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