We are all ready to book some weekend trips to AC to be a part of the pool parties and just gamble a little. If you are the type of person that plans way ahead of time and would like to set up an AC trip right now, you actually can make that happen.

PhillyMag.com reported that Atlantic City casinos are now taking reservations. It is not definite yet but some casinos may begin to open back up on June 1st. Don't expect rooms to be any cheaper just because of what is going on in the world. According to PhillyMag.com, Borgata will have rooms going for over $100 dollars for June 1st. Not as expensive as before but still a little pricey.

Borgata has always been one of the more expensive casinos. If you are booking for June 1st or around that time it'll be around $10 more than the competitors. PhillyMag.com said that the 4th of July will not be cheap at all, just FYI.

We also learned from PhillyMag.com that all the reservations are still tentative due to the coronavirus. It is still not set in stone that the casinos in Atlantic City will be opening in June which is why your reservations may still be forced to get canceled.

It is most likely that the casinos will be opening back up in phases. PhillyMag.com mentioned that the casino reps that they reached out to said they did not want to say anything about an opening date for any of the casinos.

It is unfortunate that thousands of casino employees have currently been employed because of the pandemic. It’ll be nice to open up again and give them back their employment.

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