Another amazing sky-gazing event happens this Friday night.

I personally LIVE for nights like this. What astronomers call a 'blood moon eclipse' is due on July 27th, and will reportedly be longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, according to The moon will turn a deep reddish-brown color. The total phase of the blood moon is expected to last just under two hours.

Unfortunately, even though lunar eclipses are usually more visible to the naked eye than solar eclipses (which require special viewing equipment), we will not be able to see the phenomenon in North America. But the moon itself is set to be spectacularly colorful, and will probably appear enormous in size! reports this Friday's blood moon will be about half hour longer than the one we experienced back in January of this year. So don't forget to keep an eye to the sky on Friday night. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not be too cloudy.

You can watch the lunar eclipse on if you can't bare missing it.

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