New Jersey is an awesome state that is known for its diversity and pioneering achievements. For some reason, South Jersey gets overlooked when it comes to getting credit for many of these accomplishments and state attributes. So we put together a list of 8 Great Facts about South Jersey!

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    Camden, NJ is home of the first ever Drive-in Movie Theater, created by the local chemical company, R.M. Hollingshead Corporation. Also, the first phonograph originated in the city of Camden. 

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    The shore town of Cape May is the oldest resort community in the United States. It remains a great attraction - In 2008, the Travel Channel chose Cape May among America's Top 10 Beaches and over 40,000 people continue to vacation in Cape May each summer.

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    Gloucester County's Logan Township houses the nation's largest industrial park. The Pureland Industrial Complex is 3,000 acres and is used daily by several local and national businesses.

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    Atlantic City's boardwalk was first built in 1870 and remains the longest boardwalk in the world. Also, the streets of the famous board game Monopoly are named after Atlantic City's streets.

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    Every single county in South Jersey (and all of New Jersey) is classified as a metropolitan area - New Jersey is actually the only state in the country where this is the case.

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    South Jersey is the home of the legendary Jersey Devil, also known as "Leeds Devil". Although several people throughout history have reported sightings of the iconic creature, its existence remains a legend.

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    Although blueberries have a strong history in New Jersey, we are actually second to Maine in producing the most blueberries in the world. Named the official state fruit in 2004, blueberries were first cultivated in the town of Whitesbog, then later they spanned across many Pine Barrens towns, such as Hammonton, the "Blueberry Capital of the World".

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    Margate's beloved attraction, Lucy the Elephant, is the oldest example of zoomorphic architecture. Built in 1881, Lucy is five years older than the Statue of Liberty.

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