Christmas stockings can be a simple way to give small, but meaningful gifts to someone. Although the big gifts usually get all the glory, it can mean the world to a loved one if he or she receives a gift that has personal meaning to it.

Whether you use this list to send to a friend for ideas, or if you personally use this list to get a loved one an awesome present, it is sure to help make shopping for stocking stuffers easier this year.

With all the awesome new gadgets on the market and all the adorable accessories you can sneak into your loved ones stocking, you can't go wrong!

  • 1

    Gift Cards

    If you can't decide on what to get someone, a gift card is a great way to go. That way, your loved one has the freedom to get some whatever they want at the store they love.

    TIP: The Hamilton Mall has gift cards available this holiday season! 

  • 2


    You can never go wrong with jewelry. Try your local Piercing Pagoda or Macy's in the Hamilton Mall. You can find some gorgeous items to dazzle your favorite people. The best part about jewelry is that they fit perfectly in anyone's stocking!

  • 3


    Everyone loves a good pair of underwear, am I right? Victoria's Secret and American Eagle Outfitters are just some of the many places you can shop at for some really cute bras and underwear at the Hamilton Mall.

  • 4

    Nail Polish

    It's easy to forget to keep up with your nails. If you know someone who is obsessed with the latest colors and styles for nails, get them an awesome set of polish!

    Find unique and inexpensive colors at places like Hot Topic and Forever 21. The best part about nail polish? It fits nicely into any sized stocking!

  • 5


    It can be hard to find good makeup, but you can't go wrong at a literal makeup store like Sephora inside JCPenney. Get the makeup guru in your life the latest brushes, palettes, and more. From mascara to lipstick, any type of makeup will hold a perfect place in a stocking.

  • 6

    The Latest Fashion

    Great stocking stuffers, like fashionable socks and gloves, or even a cozy scarf will be much appreciated by your fashion-forward friend!

  • 7

    Body Lotions and Perfumes

    Nobody likes to smell bad. We all take great pride in making sure we smell fabulous.

    Make a loved one's job easier by giving him or her the gift of fragrance. Lotions will also be handy for the winter. Check out Bath and Body Works at the Hamilton Mall, they always have an array of awesome scents in both perfumes and lotions!

  • 8

    Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch is a bit large for a stocking, but you can make it work. It's one of the hottest gaming consoles on the market right now! For the gamer in your life, this gift will be greatly appreciated and you can easily find it at Game Stop inside the Hamilton Mall.

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