Looking for a quick and easy hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or a "guess who's coming" addition to your holiday shopping list? Here's a few ideas, with the New Jersey crowd in mind.

For the college student who misses NJ, give 'em a whiff of home. According to its description, there's notes of candy apple, cranberry, beach, seaside, cotton candy, vanilla and musk in this hand-poured soy wax mini candle.

For Bruce Springsteen fans who want to relive the heart-warming movie based on a far-away fan's journey to the Garden State. "Blinded By the Light" tells the story of a British teen of Pakistani descent growing up in 1987.

Also for Bruce fans, a "hard copy" of his latest album, "Western Stars" on CD, could make a great stocking-stuffer or Hanukkah gift.

These gloves were made for texting — so when you're freezing in your car since it's illegal to warm it up in NJ, you can send out a quick message or two before you drive off.

Single-use plastics bans got you stressed out? Tote bags could make a good addition to any gift for NJ folks worried they'll have to carry their veggies out bare-handed.

Similar idea, even smaller scale — reusable straws, made of washable silicone so they won't fall apart for those who say paper straws won't cut it.

For those looking to toast the holidays and new year — grab a new set of glasses, and then pair it with a great NJ wine or brew.

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