If you're a Willy Wonka fan, and have always wanted to participate in a fun candy hunt, this jelly bean contest coming to New Jersey is for you.

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I love Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (the book and the movie directed by Tim Burton) and the prospect of finding a Golden Ticket inside something that's already so enticing. Especially when that Golden Ticket leads to cash.

A new treasure hunt organized by Jelly Belly jelly beans co-found David Klein is giving one lucky sweets lover a chance to win $5,000 AND the keys to one of the candy's factories in Florida. According to CNN, the winner will reportedly become the factory's official owner, and receive a course in making candy at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Klein says recreating the famous game from Willy Wonka has always been on his 'bucket list', and that, right now, maybe we could all use a distraction like this. 'The world needs something positive to get their minds off their problems.', Klein tells CNN.

But getting in on the 'distraction' isn't free. If you want to play along, it'll cost you $49.99. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold in New Jersey. Those who play to pay will be on the hunt for a golden dog tag, Jelly Belly's version of the Wonka 'golden ticket'. Whoever finds one of the dog tags will score $5,000, and become eligible for the candy factory Grand Prize. There is only one tag per state in all 50 states.

If you're interested, you can click here for more information. But y'all better not be running me down in any store aisle trying to find those golden dog tags, lol. Anddddd, now I want jelly beans.

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