High Dive Heart is a singing/songwriting music duo who've just released their debut EP Sonic Graffiti. Their new song 'Vintage' is such an adorable love song, and so believable since members Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy are closer than you think! Here are some facts to help you get to know High Dive Heart.

  • 1

    Jason Reeves co-wrote 'Bubbly'.

    Yes. Colbie Caillat's breakout hit 'Bubbly'. In fact, Reeves co-wrote most of Caillat's debut album Coco, as well as it's follow-up Breakthrough.

  • 2

    Nelly Joy is Jason Reeves muse.

    Reeves fell in love with Joy while she was singing recording vocals for his debut album The Lovesick.

  • 3

    'Vintage' has been heard all over TV!

    The song was most recently used during The Today Show.

  • 4

    High Dive Heart is all about love.

    Jason explains, “You have to be unafraid to dive into love no matter how high the cliff is. Chances are you’ll land where you’re meant to be.”

  • 5

    'Vintage' video is racking up YouTube views.

    The video for 'Vintage' could not be more adorable!

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