It's only the middle of November and not even technically winter yet and we're expecting snow. Here's what we're probably all thinking.

We know it's inevitable. But the possibility of snow tomorrow still has us shaking our heads, not to mention the near and sub-freezing temps. Summer's not so distant a memory. And post-Thanksgiving, we all make peace with what's heading our way over the next few months. Just not YET.

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    Ug, already?

    Even if it just winds up being a wintry mix for most of South Jersey, we're still just 2 weeks removed from Halloween, and probably not mentally prepared to handle winter-like conditions.

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    Where the heck did I put my ice scraper?

    Because temps will be below freezing, even rain is likely to cause ice on your windshield. However, I have literally NO idea where my ice scraper is. Trunk with my beach chair? Somewhere in the garage? Which ultimately means I'll be stopping to buy a new one.

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    I guess I have to wear a coat.

    For 3 months I've been meaning to get my puffy coat cleaned. But did I? No. Of course not. And it sounds like I'm not going to be able to make a hoodie work in this situation.

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    Do I have enough eggs, milk, and bread?

    The inevitable snow storm panic sets in when it comes to these food staples. Whether a coating or 10 inches, we know some grocery store shelves will be bare.

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    Maksim Pasko/thinkstock

    There's only 126 days till spring!

    Yes, we're counting.

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