When we kick off Memorial Day Weekend in Atlantic City, we like to have fun and give away prizes! Here are some silly games you can play tomorrow for a chance to win some of summer's hottest concert tickets.

You can win tickets to see Ariana Grande, Backstreet Boys, Shawn Mendes, Twenty One Pilots, New Kids On The Block, Dave Matthews Band, and more!

**Must be 21 to play all games.

Oh, and be sure to show up with the SoJO 104.9 app on your phone for a chance to win a 3-day/2-night mini-vacation at Golden Nugget!


  • Louis C. Hochman / New Jersey 101.5

    Marshmallow Mouth Catch

    Play with a partner!

  • Antonio_Diaz/ThinkStock

    Musical Beers

    Like musical chairs, but with plastic cups full of beer!

  • Coprid/ThinkStock

    Roll On A Poll

    Play with a partner and put the toilet paper roll on a poll!

  • Kati Molin/thinkstock

    Catch My Balls!

    Play with a partner! Catch golf balls in a bucket!

  • tatniz/thinkstock

    Sand Job

    It involves sand paper and a plunger, and that's all we can really say, lol.