Ticks are nasty little creatures. Blood sucking creatures, literally, and summer is their season. But not everything we've heard about the insects are true. We're debunking some myths.

No, you can't always feel them bite you. Some ticks have actually evolved past giving off that itchy, pinching sensation.

No, ticks can't smell your blood. Ticks mostly sense your breathing and movement through carbon dioxide and heat.

No, you shouldn't burn it off. When the tick feels heat it can actually release more pathogens into your skin. Using tweezers to get into the skin and pluck the tiny beast out if the safest way to remove it.

No, ticks don't jump out of trees. They mostly crawl from the ground up, or if you brush against plants or trees.

No, Lyme Disease isn't the only disease transmitted by ticks. Ehrlichiosis (a bacterial infection), while Rocky Mountain Fever and Powassan are potentially fatal.

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