If you're tired of swiping left on Tinder, try these five dating apps for your chance at love...or you know other stuff.

Since we all live busy lives, dating apps provide an outlet to meet new people and possibly the "love of your life." Time and time again, my friends and I have grown wary of Tinder because of it's creepy messages and/or its superficiality.

Just because you haven't had luck on Tinder, don't get discouraged from using other dating apps! Here are some my friends have tried and enjoyed!

If all else fails, shoot me a call and we'll do it the old fashioned way: at a bar.

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    At this point whenever Tinder is mentioned, Bumble closely follows. Bumble is a great option for women because it puts the ball in our court! No more creepy Tinder messages, you start the conversation. There's also a cool feature to find new friends in your area. Sweet!

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    Ah, Hater, bringing people together based off things they mutually hate. It's still relatively new, but this is an app I can definitively see taking off. I mean, c'mon it's easier to list things you dislike versus like. Watch how it works here.

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    I have this theory that the person you end up settling down with is someone who's been around you before, and you don't even realize it. Sounds crazy, I know - but that's what happn is based off! It connects you with people you potentially crossed paths with. It's definitely way better than posting a 'Missed Connections' post on Craigslist.

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    It's a classic for a reason. Mainly because it's not based off just your selfie alone, but genuine interests for you to make a real connection. Once you see someone who shares your interest, just send a message! Check out OKCupid.

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    OK. So you're tired of swiping. What if they're selected for you? That's what Coffee Meets Bagel Dating does! The selection comes from men who have liked your profile. All you have to do is choose which YOU want to start a conversation with. Nice!

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