In have to admit, I am the worst gift wrapper ever. I have zero patience when it comes to wrapping Christmas presents.

Here are some helpful tips from Martha  to make your wrapping just as special as the gift your about ready to give for Christmas.

1. Don't wait until the last minute to start wrapping your gifts. Wrap your gifts as soon as you buy them. Waiting until Christmas Eve to wrap your gifts will surely cause some holiday stress.

2. Keep all of your gift wrapping supplies organized.  Have a special bin that can hold scissors, tape, tissue and wrapping paper and everything you'll need to wrap your presents.

3. Use a T square and a Rotary Cutter when cutting wrapping paper for straight and even cuts. This is where I go horribly wrong when it comes to wrapping gifts.

4. Use Double Sided Tape.; This will keep tape from showing up on your gift.

5. Use a Color Coded Wrapping System: Designate different colors for family and friends. This will help you to quickly and easily identify gifts.

More creative tips form Martha, If you're looking to get creative, you could try to make a bow from any leftover wrapping. You can also add a personal touch by making homemade gift tags.