When the heat is this oppressive, you need a place to escape.

We surveyed 100 people...actually, no we didn't. We'll leave that to Steve Harvey. But I did think of a handful of places where you can hang out for free in South Jersey when the summer gets too hot to bear.

  • 1

    The Mall

  • 2

    Grocery Store

    In the movie the Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe puts her knickers in the ice box to stay cool. I hate to grocery shop, but when the heat rises I use it as an excuse to get it done. I would never go so far as to put my underwear in the refrigerator, but you will see me lingering in the frozen foods section.

  • 3

    The Movie Theater

  • 4

    The Car!

    Ok, hopefully you drive a car that has air conditioning, or at least know a friend that does. I love putting on a podcast, cranking up the AC, and just cruising around for awhile.