Over the weekend I took an awesome road trip to one of the coolest garden displays I've ever seen that happens to be right here in New Jersey. So, it got me thinking about inner-state day trips totally worth the ride.

Flip through a gallery of photos from my recent visit to Grounds For Sculpture.

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    Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton

    This was my first visit to Grounds For Sculpture. My parents have been raving about it since they went to see it a year ago. If you're a lover of art and nature, Grounds For Sculpture combines the two into a seemingly endless, wandering garden. Think Monet-meets-Longwood Gardens. With 42-acres to troll, Grounds For Sculpture boasts loads of hidden gems along off-the-beaten paths, including life-size replicas of some of the most scenic paintings in history. Some of the statues are so lifelike it will give you pause, asking 'Is that a real person?'. And the landscaping is especially gorgeous this time of year. I couldn't help but ham it up, as you'll see from the photo gallery above. Bring a picnic or stop into the Van Gogh Cafe or Rat's Place for a bite to eat.

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    Tree to Tree at Cape May County Zoo

    Up for something thrilling? You can zip line, swing, and climb, right inside the Cape May Zoo! Tree to Tree is a relatively new addition, but I consider it a must if you plan to visit the zoo. The Adventure Courses are family-friendly and open to kids and adults.

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    Noam Galai/Getty

    Liberty State Park, Jersey City

    Largely known for being the departure spot for cruises out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, you can also kayak, fish, picnic, and bike in Liberty State Park. The park is also home to the Liberty Science Center, who's giant planetarium roof you might have noticed on your way into New York City. There are two fabulous restaurants (Liberty House is my favorite). But if you want some more chill, there's the Baozi Brew beer garden!

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