Over the past few days, there have been so many celebrity spottings in New Jersey, it’s actually insane! I was going through Twitter and everyone was tweeting about seeing multiple celebs in our state, which is kind of odd to me. I’m totally celebrity obsessed though, so these things always fascinate me! I feel like Jersey isn’t really the hot spot to see A-list celebrities, but a few of them were lurking around the Garden Stat recently!


Liam Payne was spotted in Short Hills, New Jersey

A ton of fans saw him at a local restaurant in town this week, and many pictures are flooding the internet. He was holding fans’ dogs and taking pictures with everyone. It seemed like he really made a ton of time for the fans.


Anne Hathaway was spotted filming a movie in South Amboy, New Jersey

Anne Hathaway is known for being one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood. Her most recent movie that is being filmed, which is called Eileen, has been shot in our state throughout the year. Just this week, she was spotted shooting a scene in South Amboy at a local bar called Lagoda Saloon, according to tapinto.net.


Paul McCartney was spotted at a Basking Ridge, New Jersey diner

A few fans spotted Paul McCartney of the Beatles having lunch with his wife at a diner in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He’s been spotted around the state a few times at different restaurants in recent years, but this is the most recent Beatles spotting! The diner is called Blue Cafe.

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