Motor Vehicle Commission's in Runnemede and Delanco have closed for cleaning after employees at both locations tested positive for coronavirus.

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The Runnemede MVC, on E. Clements Bridge Rd. Camden County, will be closed until October 26th, reports Courier Post. The Delanco branch, on Creek Rd. Burlington County, is scheduled to reopen on October 24th.

Reportedly, one employee who worked in Runnemede on October 10th came up positive for COVID-19, and one other who had worked on October 9th in Delanco.

Both facilities will be closed, not only for thorough cleaning, but for contact tracing to determine if any other employees that were exposed may also be infected.

Motor Vehicle Commission recommends visiting for information about reopenings in Runnemende and Delanco, other operating MVC offices, and online services.

Since reopening offices amid the pandemic, lines at local MVC's have returned to looking more like a world before the invention of the internet. So many friends and family have griped about 2-3 hour waits for services like driver's license renewal, which you can't do online. I will eventually have to visit myself later this year, but I'm not looking forward to it.

Also, the circumstances surrounding the recent shutdown of the Runnemede and Delano MVC offices serve as another reminder that coronavirus is still out there and spreading in South Jersey. Wear a mask and social distance whenever possible to keep yourself and others safe.

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