South Jersey is very well represented in the 'Haunted Places Index' on the website, a nationwide listing where people document their close encounters with what they think are ghosts.

Of course, that doesn't mean these places are all really haunted, but, it also doesn't mean they aren't, as the website points out in its disclosure statement.

We can't guarantee that all of the places that are listed are haunted.  We're sure that some of these are just local legends and folklore, but often these legends do spring out of past events.  They are many places that the legend concerning it may be wrong, but the place still may be haunted.

You will notice that Cape May has, by far, the most suspected ghost sightings in the Haunted Places Index. Coincidence? These folks think not.

We'll let you look at this list and decide.

Absecon: The Jonathan Pitney House, 57 N Shore Rd, Absecon, Late at night, as the only visitors in a private cottage in this B&B, a soft song could be heard playing on a flute-like instrument. No one else was at the property that night.

Atlantic City: Taj Mahal/Hard Rock Casino, 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, it is said that a man who jumped from the 10th floor of the garage haunts that area every night around midnight.

Cape May: The Cape May County Museum, 653 ½ Washington Street, Cape May, the ghost of a man with a deep voice haunts this place.

Cape May: Higbee Beach, a one-and-one-half-mile stretch of beach at the tip of Cape Island, along Delaware Bay, has at least 3 ghosts in the wildlife reserve.

Cape May: Hotel Macomber 727 Beach Ave, Cape May, the mischievous ghost of an elderly woman is felt in room #10. The old woman was a frequent guest of the hotel and developed a close friendship with the previous owners' child, which explains why the activity is strongest when a child is present. TVs and lights go on and off and things are found to be moved around inside the room, without explanation.

Cape May: John F. Craig House609 Columbia Ave, Cape May, built in 1866, The John F. Craig House is a Gothic Revival style Victorian home available as a full rental by large groups year-round, rooms #4 & 5 are inhabited by two spirits. Room 4 by the spirit of an unidentified red-headed girl. Room 5 is haunted by a sewing ghost named Lucy who supposedly replaces missing buttons on the clothing of guests in the room. That's handy!

Cape May: The Southern Mansion720 Washington St, Cape May, the largest Cape May bed and breakfast, built in 1860, the ghost of a well-dressed woman has been seen by many people. It is believed her name is Ester, and, that she is the daughter of Capt. George Allen, the man who built the house. Apparently, Ester has a fondness for partying.

Cape May: Washington Inn & Wine Bar 801 Washington St, Cape May, one of Cape May's best year-round restaurants has a ghost with an elderly woman's voice who is often heard.

Cape May: Winterwood Gift & Christmas Shoppe 526 Washington St, Cape May, two sisters haunt their former home, and a white figure roams near a grave on the grounds.

Cape May: Fort Miles Battery 223, a World War II bunker that once housed guns to protect the cost from Nazi subs. A ghostly crew has been seen on the beach near the bunker.

DennisvilleHenry Ludlam House, 1336 NJ-47, Woodbine, a South Jersey landmark & historical place, dating back to the 1740s. When it was open it served as a bed & breakfast at times as well as a single-family home. There are countless reports of mysterious sounds on the property. Visitors to the location also state that unusual and sometimes frightening things occur.

Mays Landing: Abbott House, 6056 Main St, Mays Landing, the longtime bed and breakfast, now a private home, is said to have a young girl inhabiting the top floor. She is seen occasionally bouncing a ball.

Mays Landing: Lincoln Memorial Park & Cemetary, 5125 Harding Hwy, Mays Landing, people have reported witnessing orbs and strange occurrences.

Millville: Union Lake, a massive, 5000-acre man-made lake where, late at night on the boat ramp off Carmal Road, you can see disappearing and reappearing tire marks and hear weird sounds, and feel very cold spots for no apparent reason.

Richland: Railroad tracks behind St. Augustine Prep, 611 Cedar Ave, Richland, If you go at night and flash a light 3 times, and on the 4th time you leave the light on, you will see a little boy with a baseball and glove. He might throw you the ball, but then will disappear before you can catch it.

South Dennis: In the graveyard on Rt 47, there have been numerous sightings of children crying near the older tombstones in the graveyard.

Villas: On the trails behind the M.U.A., what appears to be the ghost of a young boy wanders the trail every night between 1:30 am and 2 am.

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