The weather coming to South Jersey is going to be very hot, with the chance of hitting 100 degrees by Thursday.  Should this happen, Farmers Almanac would have called this weather happening almost perfectly.

The heat coming our way will arrive Wednesday (the first official day of Summer), with parts of South Jersey reaching as high as 97 degrees (with the heat index reaching as high as 104, representing what the weather will feel like outside).  By Thursday, the thermometer could pass the 100 degree mark (possibly as high as 102), making this the hottest stretch of the Summer of 2012 so far.

The Farmers Almanac, who correctly called the mild winter we had in our area, had predicted months ago that heat was coming to this region around this time.  The Almanac has predicted that the 100 degree temperature is arriving by June 24th - Thursday is June 21st.  This once again shows the accuracy that the Almanac has gained its reputation around.

Found out a bit more about how the Farmers Almanac sees our region playing out by clicking here.


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