Is this the weekend for you to live like a Shoobie?

Is this the weekend you acted like a vacationer in your own hometown?

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In case you didn't know "shoobie" is a term coined long ago to describe people who vacation along the New Jersey Shore - especially the southern part.

Years ago, day-trippers - especially those from the Philadelphia area - would visit the Atlantic City area for the day. These visitors would often bring their lunch in a shoe box, thus the name Shoobies!

You can find out more about Shoobies by going here.

So, maybe you want to live like a shoobie this weekend! Maybe it's time for you to wear your black socks with sandals and do some vacationing. Here are 10 things to do to live the Shoobie Life this weekend:

1. Pay a visit to Lucy the Elephant. She's been refurbished and updated. Lucy 2.0 if you will. You'll find her just off the beach in Margate. Pay a few bucks for a tour, or just stand outside, gawk, and snap some photos.

2. Take a walk on the Ocean City Boardwalk. No matter the weather, it's a must! Grab a slice of Manco and Manco pizza, or a Kohr Brothers ice cream cone. Flip thru racks and racks of novelty t-shirts before deciding not to buy anything.

3. Shop at the Outlets in Atlantic City. Lots of walking and lots of in and out of stores. Make sure to complain to no one in particular that you think the prices aren't a bargain at all.

4. While at the Outlets, pay a visit to the Bass Pro Shop store. Bet your friends that you'll jump in the big fish tank, but don't actually do it.

5. Make sure to ride at least a few miles on the Garden State Parkway. Stay in the left lane and just ignore the other drivers who are beeping at you.

6. Visit the Steel Pier on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Ask about the price to ride "the Big Wheel." Once you have the price, try to negotiate a better price. They love that.

7. Go into one of the casinos. Find a blackjack table where several people appear to be winning hand after hand. Jump in the open seat and plop down the $25 you have set aside for gambling. Play one hand, then leave. Your fellow blackjack players will call you names under their breath.

8. Go sit on the beach, as close as possible to where families are already sitting. I hope you brought your loud old-school boom box, not to mention your marijuana cigarettes!

9. Eat dinner at The Crab Trap in Somers Point! (Actually, this is the smartest choice you will make. Enjoy!)

10. Visit the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City. Enjoy the beautiful views!

Sometimes it's fun just to be a tourist in your own town. Have fun!

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