Last night, I prepared dinner for a date (OK..ha ha..hehehe  ho ho ho..ha...finished laughing?)


Here were my stages of preparation:





Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9

Stage 1

Let me start out by saying that we eat clean.  We both exercise regularly and stay away from a lot of trans fats and we limit our carbs.

We are not vegetarians.

We start out with Beef Loin Boneless Petite Sirloin Steaks, cooked with garlic and black pepper.




Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9

Stage Two:

While the steak is being prepared, I cut up fresh squash and throw it in another pan.  I also cook this in black pepper, and spray some "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray.  This takes no time to cook .  Next time, I might want to think again about cooking these too soon.   Twenty minutes later, I found myself nuking these puppies for 35 seconds.





Now I've done it...



Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9

Stage Three:

It's time to get really creative and build a salad.  It should be noted that I have fellow broski's that just throw in some lettuce and pre-mixed/packed stuff and walla!

Not this cat.

I start out with three fresh cucumbers, peel,and cut.





Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9

I then cut a fresh green pepper and tomato.


This should be interesting, I also decided to peel and cut a pear. (Thanks Heather DeLuca).  I didn't reveal too many details behind the dinner to my date, however, it should be noted that I did call and ask if she was allergic to pears.

Nobody needs to break out in hives or anything.




Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9

The salad is officially done.  I also added eggs (no yolk), craisins, and blue cheese crumbles; all on top of leafy spinach.








Final Stage:

Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9

The steak is cooked medium well (I personally prefer medium).


Would you eat this meal?  Feel free to comment below.  I can take it....I think.