Gearing up for tomorrow's special Backstreet Boys Throwback Thursday on SoJO, I started picturing all of the epic BSB videos from over the years.  From 'Quit Playing Games' to 'Larger Than Life', I can't choose a favorite.  So what do YOU think is the ultimate Backstreet Boys video? 

We'll count down your favorites tomorrow!  Don't see your favorite BSB video listed?  Simply type it in the comment box below!

And remember, you can win Backstreet Boys concert tickets all day tomorrow on SoJO!

Here's some inspiration:

'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'


'I Want It That Way'

'Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)'

'Larger Than Life'

'Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely'

'As Long As You Love Me'

'Shape of My Heart'


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