Sometimes I'll drive to Vineland, and I'll smell....


Dirty Diapers.


While driving on a particular section of Lincoln Ave, I can smell the distinct smell.  It doesn't matter if my windows are up or not.


Do you know what I'm talking about?


Now, for the record, I love Vineland.  I have many friends who live/work there.  I wish these friends of mine would tell me what that smell is.  Yes, I know there is plenty of farming, but this smell is different than a fertilizer smell.


OK, it's time to get off my Vineland soap box.   Here's my point, every town has a distinct smell.  You may not realize it.  You may not think to try to smell it.  You may think I'm being absolutely ridiculous.


What does your South Jersey town smell like?  Feel free to scratch/sniff and comment below....


Note: The 'dirty diapers' I speak of, is in fact Cabbage.    At least I think so.