I caught up with former 'Mad About You' star and comedian Paul Reiser today on the SoJO Morning Show.  Paul will be in Atlantic City doing stand-up comedy at Borgata!


Paul Reiser's comedy show at the Borgata will be sort of a homecoming.  Paul was born and raised in New York, but has lived in Los Angeles for quite some time.  Paul later describes his stand-up.



I keep forgetting that Paul was actually the villain in the movie 'Aliens 2'.  He was such a bad guy, that even his sister punched him in the stomach at the premiere!  Paul explains everything by saying.....



Shortly before the interview, I read something on Paul's bio that really caught my eye.  Before 'Mad About You',  Paul was actually considered for the role of Danny Tanner in Full House.  This information, however, was a surprise to Paul as well.



One of my favorite scenes from 'Mad About You' was the 'Seinfeld Crossover' with Kramer.  Back then, it was super cool to see these sitcoms cross over.