His moment on ABC brought him millions of new fans, but the harness the network forced Nik Wallenda to wear on his walk over Niagara Falls does not sit well with him, which is why he's making sure the drama and danger will be there for his August 9th high wire stunt - no safety harness guaranteed!

Nik's 1,5550-foot walk over Niagara Falls on a high wire drew over 10 Million viewers one Friday night on ABC last month, and should have shot his career into overdrive being the greatest daredevil alive, but he never felt he ever needed that harness.  Nik's recent press conference for the Tropicana had him proclaiming "I never wore a harness before the falls and I hope not to wear one ever again!"

Wallenda and his daredevil family will perform at Tropicana’s theater from Aug. 12 through Sept. 22. - tickets are now available through the Tropicana's website.

To kick off the excitement for Nik's arrival in Atlantic City, he has planned a free performance on August 9th where he will walk 1,,500 feet starting at Sovereign Avenue next to the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel and finishes at Tropicana Casino and Resort.  The Press of Atlantic City reports that Wallenda hopes to complete the walk in 27 minutes, using only a 24-foot balance pole while on a narrow tightrope 100 feet above the beach, and no harness or other safety mechanisms will be in place.

The danger here for Nik will be potential winds off the ocean, but the 33-yr-old lives for the danger of his line of work, and he loves to entertain.

A big crowd will be expected for this free moment on August, and I hope to have Nik Wallenda on SoJO before the walk to answer whatever questions you may have for him.