Don't analyze....just embrace it.



So, you decided to join the party and buy a lottery ticket. Tonight, someone will cash in a record breaking 500 million dollars (insert Dr. Evil laugh here).


You're probably like me and wait to the very last minute to buy one.  Which is very important.  At that point in time, the convenience store clerk is so sick and tired of handing  out lottery tickets, that he/she is going to make a mistake.


Catch them making a mistake and call them out.  Buy those tickets, as well as the tickets you intended to buy.



If you walk into the convenience store, and see the number "13" anywhere, leave immediately.



Dreams--Do you ever have a prophetic dream?  A  'winning the lottery dream' can technically be a prophetic dream.  Pay attention to the numbers that are in your hand.  Do what you have to in your half state to focus.  When you wake up, make sure to write the numbers down immediately.  Just make sure the none of the numbers are "13".


Eat a fortune cookie.


Follow your instincts.....and yes nerds, that can be called "the force".


Eat another fortune cookie.


Yes, there are blueprints and strategies to winning the lottery, but who has time for that?  Go lazy, math sucks.


So there you go.  I have followed these superstitions for years, and all of these resulted in winnings totaled at:


Two dollars.