As tequila and tortilla chip sales have increased this week, and parts of NYC are being closed down for street festivals, it means Cinco De Mayo is ready for another "Fiesta" celebration.  You may be ready to get together and have some fun, but what you need is the right music to go with this celebration - welcome to "The Playlist" for Saturday's celebration.

What you need tomorrow is a set of songs with some Latin flavor, and right now one man has to be the force behind the return of Latin Pop -- Pitbull!

His work with J.Lo and Enrique has both artists with their biggest hits they've had in years, and he has worked with most of the top artists because of his mad producing and rap skills.

You'll feel Armando Perez's hands (A.K.A. Pitbull) in this Cinco De Mayo soundtrack a few times, plus the Conga beat, the tango beat, Spanish in songs, and one legendary guitarist twice to bring the party up for good fun.

Feel free to take this version of The Playlist and set your iPod accordingly for your party!

Santana / Rob Thomas -- Smooth ("My Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa")

Marc Anthony -- I Need To Know (not required to buy his clothing line at Kohl's for Cinco De Mayo)

Enrique Iglesias -- I Like It (so does everyone else, Thank You Pitbull!)

Shakira -- Hips Don't Lie (they don't, especially if you are gaining weight)

Debelah Morgan -- Dance With Me (features a Tango beat, and a Top-10 hit in 2000)

Los Lonely Boys -- Heaven ("Vaminos" screams the Garza brothers at the beginning of this Top-5 smash in 2004)

Jennifer Lopez -- On The Floor (her resurrection is a Pitbull production)

Pitbull / Ne-Yo -- Give Me Everything (he needs to have his own moment too!)

Shelia E -- The Glamorous Life (E for Escovedo, and excellent for her drumming skills)

98 Degrees -- Una Noche (also known as "Give Me Just One Night", but either way it went to #2 in 2000)

Los Lobos -- La Bamba (love the movie with Lou Diamond Phillips)

Jon Secada -- Just Another Day (one slow jam here, and a Top-5 hit in 1992)

Ricky Martin -- Livin' La Vida Loca (now starring in Evita on Broadway)

Lionel Ritchie -- All Night Long ("Fiesta Forever")

Christina Aguilera -- Genie In A Bottle (she has won a Latin Grammy Award, so she's legit!)

Miami Sound Machine -- Conga ("do that Conga beat!")

Madonna -- La Isla Bonita (a Spanish Lullaby - you going to argue with Madonna over that?)

Lady Gaga -- Alejandro (sounds a lot like that Madonna song above)

Will Smith -- Miami ("Bienvenido a Miami")

Santana / The Product G&B -- Maria Maria (we start and end with great Carlos Santana!)

Have a great weekend, and as you celebrate remember to be safe and smart!