Tom Hanks may be the last person you would ever figure to drop a "F-Bomb" on television, but he is human (and it was not done with any malicious intent).


Here's what happened - Hanks appeared on Good Morning America on ABC to promote his upcoming new movie Cloud Atlas.  Elizabeth Vargas was doing the interview and asked Hanks to recapture an accent he used during part of the film.

Tom seemed comfortable and having fun demonstrating some of the dialect that he was doing the movie.  Hanks said it was mostly cussing, and then came the accidental slip of the tongue.

Hanks was embarrassed and extremely apologetic, then had people laughing after his guffaw .

As you watch this replay, we have given you the bleeped out version just in case your kids are around - trust me that Hanks did the F-Bomb, and because of his personality you cannot be offended in any way here.

Cloud Atlas stars Hanks opposite Hallie Berry and Hugh Grant, and will be in theaters Friday October 26th.