In the world of tennis, being over 30 is considered over the hill, yet legends like Pete Sampras and John McEnroe still have drive and ability that will be put on display in Philly on November 2nd, and SoJO will put you in the Wells Fargo Center for all the fun.

This tennis event is no exhibition as a group of 9 players, all over 35, who have won a combined 61 Grand Slam events, are battling for a share of $1,000,000 in this unique 12-event series.  Philly will be Event #5 in the PowerShares Series, where 4 legends play each event.  The event will have 3 matches that day with a 1-set semi-final followed by a one-set final.

The Wells Fargo Center will feature two of the greatest tennis players in the history of the sport in Sampras (164 Grand Slam titles, and 5-time ATP Tour champion in the 90s) and McEnroe (7 Grand Slam singles titles and 10 Grand Slam doubles titles).  The other two competitors are no slouches either - Jim Courier (23 ATP tour wins and 4 Grand Slam singles titles) and Patrick Rafter (3 Grand Slam titles including being a 2-time U.S. Open champion).

Join me on Monday afternoon, and all week long for your chance to earn your tickets to see some great tennis by men who still have skills and drive.