Atlantic City Police has released the name of the 13 year old teenager that was fatally shot yesterday outside of his school.....


His name was Angel Mercado-Santiago, and was a seventh grader at Pennsylvania Avenue School.


Amy Heinze witnessed the incident, and even tried to save Angel.  Amy is a nurse in the city.


According to the Press of Atlantic City:

Heinze was driving home when she saw the boys yelling at someone. She looked in her rear-view mirror in time to see a male — who she believes was older than the teens — throw down his bike.

At first, she thought he was going to fight them. Then, he reached into his waistband and pulled out a gun, she said.

“He just started shooting wildly into a group of kids,” Heinze said.

When she realized one boy had been shot, she made a U-turn onto the sidewalk, jumped out of her car and ran to the teen.

Paramedics and police arrived quickly, Heinze said.

A paramedic told her: “I think he’s gone.”


Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the Atlantic City police department criminal investigations unit at 609-347-5766